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Anago's relationship with the local medical community continues to grow. Anago Franchises are proud to be providers of the very specific janitorial services this community needs to carry out their all-important work in an environment that is safe and bacteria and infection-free.

  • Why Anago Franchisees Stand Out From the Rest:
  • They service different medical facilities including offices of doctors and optometrists, surgery and dialysis centers and more.
  • They offer a variety of services including infection control, medical cleaning, terminal cleaning, surgical cleaning and more.
  • Anago provides very specific orientation programs so that our franchisees are uniquely qualified to perform this very important and highly specific work.
  • They have a proven relationship with the local medical community.

Medical facilities can't afford having bacteria spread because it can lead to infections and diseases. Anago Franchisees clean with precision and care so you can focus on saving lives.

Learn more about healthcare facility cleaning services in the Bay Area by calling (408) 335-4255.