San Jose Commercial Cleaners

The Trusted Name in Cleaning Services

Our San Jose commercial cleaning services are customizable to each client that needs our business-cleaning professionals. Each prospective client comes to the table with a specific set of needs and a particular budget. This is why it makes no sense to us when other cleaning services go with a “one size fits all” approach to janitorial services.

Three traits set Anago apart in the commercial cleaning industry: custom plans, green cleaning services, and flexibility. We start customers off with a free cleaning quote and create tailored cleaning plans that fit their needs. By putting the client first in everything, we can guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Why the Anago Way Includes Green Cleaning

We put a great deal of emphasis on making businesses shine in the best way possible, which is why we are dedicated to enhancing our cleaning methods with eco-friendly products and equipment. Green cleaning solutions are safer for our janitorial technicians, for your employees and for the environment. These products achieve a deep, long lasting clean that is often more thorough and efficient than cleaning solutions that are full of toxic chemicals.

See How Flexible Our San Jose Commercial Cleaning Plans Are

Our goal is to provide commercial clients in San Jose with janitorial services they can count on to keep the facilities looking their best.

Check out how we can help:

  • Every client receives a custom cleaning plan created with their input
  • Decide how often we clean – Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
  • Our janitorial services include general office cleaning, deep clean options for hard surface floors and carpeting, window cleaning, and much more!

Anago Cleaning Systems is not your normal commercial cleaning company. We offer the most comprehensive selection of cleaning services for San Jose businesses and keep our clients heavily involved in customizing their cleaning plan. Our custodial teams take their work of cleaning your business very seriously and are committed to your satisfaction.

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