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Cleaning services Bay Area California

Green Cleaning Solutions for Bay Area California

Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Cleaning in the Bay Area

The appearance and cleanliness of your restaurant is equally as important as the quality and taste of the food you serve. No matter how delicious your food is, if patrons walk through your doors to see dirty floors, smudged windows, food debris, a dirty bathroom, or grime, they are likely to lose their appetite and leave your restaurant. Your reputation will undoubtedly suffer if you do not take measures to ensure that your bar or restaurant is always spotless.

Thankfully, Anago Bay Area makes commercial restaurant cleaning for businesses in San Jose, Oakland, Stockton, and the Greater Bay Area easy and affordable. We are known throughout California as a premier commercial cleaning company specializing in everything from warehouses and office buildings to construction sites and, of course, restaurants.

Anago Bay Area understands that owning or managing a restaurant is a stressful job. Long nights and early mornings can make finding a dependable restaurant cleaning service a challenge. Our janitorial staff is available 24/7/365 as often as you need them. Choose from daily or weekly professional restaurant cleaning plans to ensure that your restaurant, café, bar, or food chain is always up to health code standards.

Some of the areas we clean in restaurants are:

  • Kitchen – Walls, floors, floor drains, countertops
  • Dining room – Tables, upholstery, seating, windows, floor, foyer, vacuuming, mopping, bar area, and meeting rooms
  • Restrooms – Employee and customer restrooms, stalls, toilets, sinks, countertops, checklists, and floors
  • Private party/special event cleaning – private parties, weddings, meetings, rehearsal dinners, and other events
  • Floor care – Hard surface floor care, including strip, seal, wax, and spray buffing of vinyl floors
  • Carpet cleaning – Hot water extraction and bonnet cleaning methods

Anago Bay Area knows that many California businesses are looking for ways to run their establishments in a more environmentally conscious way. We are proud to offer green cleaning solutions as an option in our professional restaurant cleaning packages. Our janitorial staff utilizes eco-friendly solutions to cut through grime, dirt and bacteria just as effectively as traditional cleaning agents, without being harsh on the environment.

The prevalence of social media has completed changed word-of-mouth marketing. Customers who visit dirty restaurants are likely to tell all their friends to avoid the place altogether. In a worse-case scenario, the individual takes a picture or video of the "evidence" and the media goes viral, destroying your credibility as a restaurant or even forcing you to close your doors forever! Improper sanitation methods can also land you in hot water with the health inspector and can even make your patrons sick.

Avoid all of these serious issues by hiring an Anago Bay Area restaurant cleaning crew in San Jose, Oakland or Stockton. Your main focus should be on your restaurant's food, customers and service – let us worry about the cleaning! Contact one of our commercial kitchen cleaning representatives about your free consultation today!

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