Green Cleaning is an Idea Whose Time Has Come

Once upon a time the idea of "cleaning green" wasn’t a priority for commercial cleaning companies. Today the paradigm has shifted. Green cleaning is not only more affordable for commercial cleaners, but it is also cost-effective in a number of ways for consumers. These consumers in turn are much more conscious of the harmful effects of some more traditional cleaning products, and are interested in joining with companies that offer green business cleaning solutions.

Did you know that typical commercial cleaning products can actually be harmful to your respiratory system, skin, eyes and more? Increased awareness of these adverse effects has led many an office or commercial facility to choose seek out companies that are all-in in terms of cleaning green. Here at Anago, we are committed to providing cleaning solutions that are 1) safe for your staff and visitors to your office and 2) safe for the surrounding environment.

We are living and working in our industry at a great time in terms of environmentally sound cleaning. Today there are a number of great products that we can incorporate into our work in order to clean in a green fashion. These include:

  • Non-toxic cleaning solutions
  • Microfiber Systems
  • Multi-Filtration Vacuums
  • Specialized Chemical Dispensing Systems
  • Floor Matting
  • And more

With all of these great tools at our disposal, it would be irresponsible if we weren’t cleaning green. Still, there are those cleaning companies out there that continue to ignore the obvious benefits that green cleaning brings to the table. Our stance at Anago has long been that cleaning green is the right thing to do for everyone involved, especially our customers.

A cleaner work environment means improved employee health, less absences and more work productivity. Those are benefits that any business owner or office manager can get behind. The trend toward green cleaning is now one that is beneficial for both cleaning companies and their clients. We are committed to providing our clients with environmentally safe and responsible cleaning solutions, and as a consumer you should expect nothing less.

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